12 August 2013

Salam Aidilfitri 2013

Assalamualaikum all readers...
Happy Raya to all muslims who still celebrating raya...
Weeee... Keep smiling in this festive season..

How's your Raya? Enjoying raya dishes? Have fun collecting duit raya? Have great time with family and relatives? Yes, yes, yes... Those are some of my favourite activities during Raya.. :) BTW, today is already the 5th Syawal, means the 5th day of Raya.. My holiday almost ended, sobs2 (T_T)

Salam Aidilfitri from me..

And FYI, I'm celebrating this Raya as a working student.. I've been working for a month already, what a year.. Many thing happened this year, wonder what comes next.. Hehe :)

Last but not least,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf, Zahir dan Batin
Guess that's all for now..
Quick update in this festive season...
Till we meet again soon..

06 July 2013

Self-Challenge: Aal Izz Well

Assalamualaikum and good day to all precious readers,
Do smile a lot even how many challenges waiting ahead..

The challenges already waiting for me few days ahead, hopefully "Aal izz well"
I did pray to Allah a lot to give me ease to go through the challenges.. I actually never expect to be like this, but the decision already been made.. Just wish and hope "Aal izz well"

Wish me luck in what I do ya..
Hopefully I can write again of what I going through..
I'll stop here first,
till we meet again readers!!

16 June 2013

Brief Update: 3 Months Story

Keep smiling no matter how hectic your life is..

BTW, mine are not that hectic but still I've got no idea to start typing.. Sometimes there are so many thing to tell but don't have time to write at that very moment, and after a while, it became old story.. No fun to talk about.. :( In the end, the blog only been updated once in 3 months.. How sad T_T

So, for brief update of the past 3 months, here are some pictures with brief story on what had happened..

Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia at Dewan 2020, Kangar.. Since that day (which I don't remenber the exact date) got nothing to do, my housemate and I go there to get free gift.. Haha :p
General election day, 5th of May.. I'm voting for the first time, hehe..
Sending another sister to further study in matriculation college.. Also in northern region of Malaysia, Kuala Nerang.. Best of luck there sis, do study hard and smart.. ^_^
Last but not least, the picture of "buah berangan" and "buah keranji".. Haha..
Not so much story since it is just old stories, just brief update..
Don't know when to update again, either soon or another 3 months later..
That's all for now.. (^_^)

09 March 2013

1,2,3, Change..

Assalamualaikum precious readers,
Keep on smiling even how tough life is..

It's been quite a while I've didn't updating anything here.. Ohh, not a while but more than a month.. Sorry for not posting, if anyone do read this (--.)"

BTW, it has been two month since I've start continuing my study, as an MBA student.. Thehehe :)
Still, I'm struggling coping with major changes happen in my life.. Some may think what I've been through is something easy since they can do it.. Tell you what, none of you ever been in my shoe, in my place.. So, don't ever judge what I do, cause you know nothing about me.. Or need anyone to judge you too for what you fear? For what you don't like? For what you've been so fussy about?

Ok, now I babbling.. Haha, so not me before..

Ok, that is a change.. Me, from being an engineering student to management student.. Still coping since i have zero knowledge on management.. Wondering? Why did this girl take that if she know nothing?? Actually it's for knowledge, my main reason is to level up my confidence.. To those who know me, I am such a timid, quiet person..

And now, I'm driving on my own.. Weeee, not so amazing, right? After 3 years having car license, at last this girl is driving own her own.. What a shame, booo... Hey, at least I drive now.. And at least, I can drive to and from classes.. That is what more important, and I can get out to find foods.. Hehe, laugh at me..

Hmm, what a change in this year.. Wonder what will coming up later? What other changes will I get through? Scary yet exciting as well.. Weee.. Wish me luck in this year..


Wish could write more, story some more but guess I'll be keeping the story for later update.. Thanks to those who still reading this abandoned blog.. Really2 hoping I've could much more story in this..

Till next moment,
Hope to write again soon..

13 January 2013

2013: Past, Present and Future

Assalamualaikum ang greetings all readers..
Keep a huge smile for the new beginning of 2013

It's already the 13th day in year 2013, how fast time flies... Whoooshh, whoooshh..
Resolution of the year?
Changes, a lot of changes..

A new starting point in making a new ending, a better one hopefully..
Already get valuable lessons from the past consequence of the actions,
Already make sudden decision in the present and,
Now expecting the better future..
Hopefully this sudden desicion will be worthy later..

Till then,
Have a happy 2013 and good luck..
See you soon...

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