07 October 2012

UniMAP 7th Convocation Ceremony

Assalamualaikum semua...
A big smile greets all adorable readers..

The story for today is as shown in the picture above..

After 4 years of tears and joy, struggling to success in the northernmost city of Perlis, finally it paid off in this ceremony... Alhamdulillah, I finish my study and graduate on time...

For this success, I would like to dedicated a lot of thanks to all people that support me throughout my studies in UniMAP...

To Ma, Abah and sisters :
Thanks for the financial support, drive to and from Perlis, fulfill every extra request and pray for my success..

Ma, Abah and little sister
The sisters

To lecturers, technician and University staffs:
Thanks for every precious and useful lesson even though sometimes I couldn't pick up all the lesson.. Thanks to staffs for assisting me in loan process and others..

To coursemates:
Thanks for all the fun we have together, studying together and all that we have done together.. Best of luck and till we meet again some day..

To housemates:
Thanks for the fun, sharing, fight and study together... Thanks for keep on bearing the attitude of mine.. Sorry for the attitude and mistakes..
The Housemates (Final Year)
And no forgotten, a million thanks also to dear special friend for the help in everything I do, bear with the attitude, pick up and send me to bus station, and being a good partner and business partner..
A dear special friend
Now, I am officially graduated in Bachelor Degree in Photonic Engineering after receiving the cert from the Pro Chancellor of UniMAP...
Officially graduated
Congrat to myself because succeed to be on the stage to get the cert and wear the graduation robe.. I've succeed at last even though there are times I feel like giving up and want to quit...
That's all about my convocation...
Hope to write more soon..
Till then..
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