16 June 2013

Brief Update: 3 Months Story

Keep smiling no matter how hectic your life is..

BTW, mine are not that hectic but still I've got no idea to start typing.. Sometimes there are so many thing to tell but don't have time to write at that very moment, and after a while, it became old story.. No fun to talk about.. :( In the end, the blog only been updated once in 3 months.. How sad T_T

So, for brief update of the past 3 months, here are some pictures with brief story on what had happened..

Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia at Dewan 2020, Kangar.. Since that day (which I don't remenber the exact date) got nothing to do, my housemate and I go there to get free gift.. Haha :p
General election day, 5th of May.. I'm voting for the first time, hehe..
Sending another sister to further study in matriculation college.. Also in northern region of Malaysia, Kuala Nerang.. Best of luck there sis, do study hard and smart.. ^_^
Last but not least, the picture of "buah berangan" and "buah keranji".. Haha..
Not so much story since it is just old stories, just brief update..
Don't know when to update again, either soon or another 3 months later..
That's all for now.. (^_^)
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