11 April 2010

hav a break, hav a deep sleep

after a few weeks working inT-state (tension state), at last it's time to hav a break for this weekend. sleeping time, zzzzzzzz... gud morning world, hello sunshine..

let me story2 a little about my busy2 weeks..

1st : Wacana Sosial (210310)
7 Pillars programme that should be attend by all students in UniMAP to make sure to get the scroll t the end of our study. held at Dewan 2020 starting from 8 pm to 12 pm. luckily the speech delivered by the secretary of the PM was quite interesting and humorous.

2nd : Communication Systems Test 2 (260310)
i didnt study much, i admit that, so i juz answer what i know.. hopefully my carry marks do help me to score..

3rd : Practical Test Archery (270310)
quite interesting.. since i'm in this games, i never shoot on the target.. haha, but for test 1 arrow was sticking at the target.. funny coz that is the 1st time my arrow stick on it even though not on any colour on the target..

"dont fire without an arrow" said the coach

4th : Quantum Electronics Test 2 (290310)
one of my fear to fail subject this semester. teaches by Dr Mukhzeer, honestly i'm quite slow to catch up on the topic. and i didnt study much for this test too. pathetic i am..

5th : MicroProcessor Test 2 (020410)
topb killing suject of all. as many students are dropping this subject days by days.. draw block disgram, skecth decoder, list all interrupts, draw floechart and create source code.. only 2 questions and i only answer 1 question.. doomed..

6th : Theory Test Archery (030410)
not study much either, juz answer what you've learn at the field.. feeling sleepy actually while answering the test.. it is raining that moment, cool and nice for sleeping time.. ihiks (^_^)

7th : Group Survey Presentation (060410)
after waiting for few weeks to present this, at last it is our time.. too many thing make us late presenting our survey.. 1st week of presentation, i'm late to say that my group wanted to present.. my mistake..
 2nd week, the lecturer didnt came.. the 3rd week, quite in a hurry as there are another programme held at Dewan Kapitol.. rush2..

8th : Lab Test Communication Systems (070410)
every coommsys lab session i've seldom touch the equipments and totally dependent to my partner, "abg".. so in lab test, i juz attached all the wires anywhere i think is correct.. result i get, i juz jot it on the test paper.. muahaha, good enough?

9th : MicroProcessor Mini Project Viva (080410)
2 weeks of preparing all the circuits. i'm in a group of three consist 2 guys and a girl.. earlier there were 3 guys but unfortunately 1 of them drop this subject.. our mini project is Night Alarm.. i'm in-charge of creating the source code and the others make the circuit board.. not quite successful but the lecturer said that it's not about the project works or not, it's about understanding the concept of the program.. thanx Mr Lecturer..

my group's mini project

10th : Technical Paper Presentation (080410)
after last minute working on the technical paper, at last my group successfully done it.. presentation started at 8.30pm and 20 group suppose to present that nite.. my photonics courcemates, u guys rocks.. we stayed up till 2am to finish our presentation.. photonics rules, yeahh!

11th : Microfabrication Test (090410)
for this test, i did study.. so i think many questions is answer, juz dont know right or wrong.. an this is the end of the busy weeks that i have..

quite a long5 story, tired, tense, all were out at that moment.. anger, frustrating, sometimes funny make me notice that i've been in engineering field for almost 2 years and another 2 years to end this degree programme.. learn a lot, get a quite a lesson  that may changed my thought about everything...

enough of bebel2, tired of typing..
till next time..

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