03 July 2012

Angkor Wat, One of the Seven Wonders

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The Reflection

Last May, I've been given the opportunity to travel outside Malaysia.. Thanks to my special friend coz do invite me to join the educational visit to Cambodia.. Never imagine I could step my own feet outside my own country..

I also could see one of the Seven Wonders here, the Angkor Wat.. How exciting...!!

Enough bubbling, go through the pictures of the places I've visited there... Come2..

Genocide Museum and The Killing Field

One of the mass grave

The Killing Field is the place where the huge amount of people are killed and buried alive.. There are many mass grave at the field, and the tourist guide told that the was a tree where babies are holded to their feet and smashed to a tree until dead.. Scary and soooo mean :'(

Skulls of the genocide victims

There are also a tower full of skulls of the dead where they are collected from numbers of mass grave aroung the place.. In the Genocide Museum, all the history were shown and a video is played to show the actual occurance at that time..

The Malaysian Embassy

The Embassy of Malaysia in Cambodia

The Embassy of Malaysia, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.. A short visit to meet the Malaysia representitive and to know more about the Kingdom of Cambodia.. A brief review was presented on the story of the diplomatic relation between Malaysia-Cambodia and the overview of the country..

The trip group

Norton University

One of the university situated in Pnom Penh, Cambodia.. A huge university with a classroom-like lecture hall and all the students wear a blue uniform in this university..

Khmer is put around the neck as present

There are conference-like meeting between the Reactor of the Norton University and our group from UniMAP.. A brief review of the university is presented by the Reactor..

UniMAP and Norton

The Reactor and the lecturers are sooo sporting.. :)

The Angkor Wat

Here we are, one of the Seven Wonders, The Angkor Wat.. Very2 huge place to walk around with 3 temple lies inside the Angkor Wat Complex..

The reflection of the temple in the water.. According to the tourist guide, the view is more attractive during the raining season where the lake is full of water.. During this trip, it is in the hot and dry season..

Excitement at Angkor Wat

Extremely exhausted but the excitement is still rising.. The temples are magnificent, no wonder it is listed as one of the Seven Wonders..

Another temple in the complex

The Floating Market, Tonle Sap and Mekong River

Boat ride along Mekong river and visit the Floating Market at the middle of Tonle Sap lake.. Have you ever visit a market in the middle of a lake? It is exciting...

Boat ride along the Mekong river

On the way to the Floating Market, there are many houses build on the river banks and in the lake..

The Floating Market

The most exciting part is they do a birthday prank to the participant which born in May, including me.. They really got me there, thanks a lot for the birthday song on 4 languages: Malay, Chinese, Tamil and Korea... Thanks a lot..

I think this is long enough for now, haha..
Hope the story caught your attention..

Till then,
meet you all again soon...

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