12 January 2014

Throwback#1: Choosing Choices

Assalamualaikum and greetings all precious readers..

Just sharing memory from the past year 2013..
Where choice was made, path was chosen..

This month, the 1st anniversary of me being a Master degree student and the 6th month of me being an employee in a company in Penang. The two path I have decided to take in 2013 which bring a lot of change.. :)

:: FLASHBACK start ::

January 5th, last year, I have decided to pursue my study in Master degree. I've took MBA in Engineering Management, which exactly differs from my bachelor degree, which is engineering.. Some questioned me, why took it? What's the plan of taking something that not related to the one I've took before? Just to gain more knowledge, that would be my answer.. The reason which some people may not accept, hehe.. :P

In 6 month time doing my Master, I gone through many things.. Many 1st timers, along with one of my former coursemate in Bachelor degree, we able to do things we thought we could not ever done it.. Exaggerating much rite? ^_^"

After 6 months, got job offer at Penang as Engineering Assistant.. After I already started my study, it's hard to choose between study and work.. Can't left what i already started but can't reject offer that may not come again.. After deep thought and opinion from others, I decided to take take risk of trying being both student and employee.. July 8th, I started my work as an engineering assistant in a company in Penang..

So, here I am now.. 6 month already, I have become both student and working.. Thanks to all who support and keep me surviving this.. (^__^)
:: FLASHBACK end ::

The path already chosen, guess there's no turning back now.. :)
Some story from last year,
That's all for now,
Till next time...

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ZULHILMI said...

how to contact you kak?

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